Wichmann Partners is a media sales company founded by Nell and Wayne Wichmann, a husband and wife team, in 1992. Originally formed to combine their individual experience in sales for the print publication industry, the company has expanded to offer solutions for integrated marketing, media, budgeting, sales consultation, print and digital advertising. Based in Williamsburg, Virginia, Wichmann Partners provides expertise in travel, tourism, hospitality, association and business services industry sectors.

Always working on the leading edge, Wichmann Partners continually strives to help clients achieve their communication goals. In the fast-moving world of media with overwhelming choices, they know that part of their job is to bring clarity to media planning, always mindful of budgets. Their passions are listening to clients, matching products to need and above all practicing honesty in all dealings.

Wayne and Nell enjoy life in Williamsburg, an international tourist destination. They give back to the local community through their work with non-profits and charities. Both enjoy their rescue dog, a black lab-mix. In their spare time they play golf and travel.